Scholarship Program

The San Diego Police Officers Association recognizes the importance of providing support for our members’ children not only in time of crisis but also in times of success and achievement.

Each year, the SDPOA awards scholarships to a number of students to help children of members achieve their goals in higher education. The winners are selected anonymously based on grades, extracurricular activities, community service and personal statements. The San Diego Police Officers Scholarship Program recognizes the outstanding children of our officers, while lessening the burden of ever growing education costs. These esteemed scholarships are highly regarded amongst the membership and the application process is very competitive.

Scholarship Applications can be found in the Member Forum or at the POA Office. Members must login to access the Member Forum.

Learn more about our programs:

Widows & Orphans Fund

The Widows & Orphans Fund is a vital part of the San Diego Police Officers Association. We are the ONLY charity in San Diego that directly supports the sworn officers of the SDPD in times of injury or death.

Memorial Fund

The SDPOA Memorial Fund provides financial and logistical support to allow our members to attend and represent San Diego at memorial services for law enforcement officers killed in the line-of-duty.

SDPOA Childcare Center

This first-in-the-nation childcare center customized to meet the needs of police officers with extended hours and affordable rates is set to open in 2023. 

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