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About Our Foundation

The Foundation is an important part of the San Diego Police Officers Association. In the tragic event of a member’s death, the Foundation provides monetary support to the member’s beneficiary. The SDPOA Foundation also assists our members faced with the loss of a spouse or child.

Many unexpected expenses can arise in the wake of a tragic event, compounding the emotional stress of grieving families. The San Diego Police Officers Association’s Foundation offers both immediate and long-lasting support to those affected by tragedy.

Since its establishment, we have assisted San Diego police officers and their families in many ways – from covering portions of funeral costs to providing health insurance for the children of a fallen hero.

The SDPOA raises money each year through fundraisers, sponsorships and private donations to ensure that the Foundation is available to support members and their families in their greatest time of need.  We appreciate our community members who have donated and continue to donate each year.  Thank you!

Message From SDPD Chief

On behalf of the dedicated men and women of your San Diego Police Department, I want to thank you for your support of local law enforcement. The San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA) provides critical assistance. Through its Widows & Orphans and Memorial Funds, the SDPOA directly helps our brave men and women.

As your police chief, I deeply appreciate this crucial backup. Our officers run toward danger so you don’t have to. Nothing ever prepares us for losing people in the line of duty, but your support reassures them that their families will be taken care of if tragedy strikes.

A strong bond exists between local law enforcement and the people we serve, knitting us together and creating a safer community for all. It is an honor to be your police chief, and I encourage you to support the SDPOA. It means so much to all of us with the San Diego Police Department.

Forever grateful for your generosity,

Chief Nisleit

Learn more about our programs:

Widows & Orphans Fund

The Widows & Orphans Fund is a vital part of the San Diego Police Officers Association. We are the ONLY charity in San Diego that directly supports the sworn officers of the SDPD in times of injury or death.

Memorial Fund

The SDPOA Memorial Fund provides financial and logistical support to allow our members to attend and represent San Diego at memorial services for law enforcement officers killed in the line-of-duty.

Scholarship Program

Each year, the SDPOA awards scholarships to a number of students to help children of members achieve their goals in higher education.

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