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The SDPOA represents all sworn police officers and recruits within the San Diego Police Department. The purpose of the SDPOA is to represent its members relating to employer-employee relations and to safeguard the Rights, Benefits, and Privileges of each member.
  • Mission

    The San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA) was incorporated in 1953 to assist San Diego police officers in issues related to wages, hours, and working conditions.

  • Board of Directors

    Our board of directors maintains our association's assets and are the go-to decision-makers of member and community concerns.

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      Meet us at an event!

      We regularly host and participate in community events and fundraisers where we have the chance to talk with local residents and businesses. Several of our San Diego Police Officers Association events are held in support of our Widows & Orphans Fund, Memorial Fund and Scholarship Program, and we are grateful for your support.

      Widows & Orphans Fund

      The Widows & Orphans Fund is a vital part of the San Diego Police Officers Association. We are the ONLY charity in San Diego that directly supports the sworn officers of the SDPD in times of injury or death.

      Memorial Fund

      The SDPOA Memorial Fund provides financial and logistical support to allow our members to attend and represent San Diego at memorial services for law enforcement officers killed in the line-of-duty.

      Scholarship Program

      Each year, the SDPOA awards scholarships to a number of students to help children of members achieve their goals in higher education.

      Latest News

      17 May 2023
      In recent years ‘reimagining’ policing was focused on social justice. Now a rethinking may be needed to help strained departments regain their footing. Click here for full story. ...
      17 May 2023
      SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In the month of April, over 1,000 people were considered homeless for the first time on the streets of San Diego while just ~700 found housing. The residents of Downtown have largely given up on enlisting police assistance to deal ...
      15 May 2023
      SAN DIEGO - San Diego's worsening rash of police officer vacancies is prompting calls for the city to spend 10 times as much money on recruitment as Mayor Todd Gloria proposed in his budget for the new fiscal year. Click here for the full story....

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