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Officer Dan Walters

EOW: 23 April 2020
Police Officer Dan Walters succumbed to complications of a gunshot wound sustained on November 12, 2003. Before serving with the San Diego Police Department, Officer Walters was drafted by the Houston Astros and then played two seasons of Major League Baseball with the San Diego Padres. Officer Walters had served with the San Diego Police Department for five years at the time he was shot. Officer Walters remained paralyzed and died from complications from the original injuries on April 23, 2020.


Jonathan “JD” De Guzman

EOW: 28 July 2016
Officer Jonathan “JD” De Guzman was shot and killed while making a pedestrian stop.

Jeremy N. Henwood

EOW: 7 August 2011
While on patrol, Officer Henwood was approached by a car from behind that flashed its lights. When he pulled over to assist, the suspect shot and killed him.

Christopher A. Wilson

EOW: 28 October 2010
Officer Chris Wilson was shot and killed while trying to arrest a suspect for assault with a deadly weapon following a probation compliance check at an apartment building in Southeast San Diego.

Gerald K. Griffin

EOW: 25 April 2003
Motor Officer Jerry Griffin was struck by a speeding vehicle while working a radar speed-enforcement detail. He died 11 days later.

Terry W. Bennett

EOW: 26 June 2003
San Diego Motor Officer Terry Bennett was killed while in pursuit of a stolen vehicle when the driver turned and deliberately struck Officer Bennett.


Ronald W. Davis

EOW: 17 September 1991
Responding to a domestic violence call, Officer Ron Davis was shot to death when the suspect tried to make his getaway.

Jerry L. Hartless

EOW: 31 January 1988
While chasing a suspect on foot, rookie Officer Jerry Hartless received a single gunshot wound to the head. He died 22 days later.

Thomas E. Riggs

EOW: 31 March 1985
Agent Riggs was shot and killed during an incident in which another officer and civilian ride-along were wounded.

Timothy Ruopp

EOW: 16 September 1984
Officers Tonahill and Ruopp were shot to death while citing suspects for alcohol violations.

Kimberly Tonahill

EOW: 14 September 1984
Officers Tonahill and Ruopp were shot to death while citing suspects for alcohol violations.

Kirk Leland Johnson

EOW: 20 February 1983
Officer Johnson was shot and killed by a youth driving his step-father’s Sheriff Department patrol vehicle.

H. Keith Tiffany

EOW: 6 June 1981
Officers Ebeltoft and Tiffany were ambushed and killed by rifle fire while investigating a neighborhood dispute.

Ronald R. Ebeltoft

EOW: 6 June 1981
Officers Ebeltoft and Tiffany were ambushed and killed by rifle fire while investigating a neighborhood dispute.


Dennis G. Gonzalez

EOW: 25 June 1979
Officer Gonzalez was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver during a traffic stop.

Michael T. Anaya

EOW: 11 April 1979
Officer Anaya was shot to death while making a PCP arrest.

Denis W. Allen

EOW: 2 April 1977
While dealing with a knife-wielding suspect, Officer Allen was shot and killed when the suspect pulled a hidden gun.

Archie C. Buggs

EOW: 4 November 1978
Officer Buggs was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop of two suspects under the influence of PCP.

Freddie J. Edwards

EOW: 7 October 1971
Unaware that the suspicious person he stopped had just committed an armed robbery, Sgt. Edwards was shot and killed by a parolee.

James P. Lewis

EOW: 29 December 1970
Officer Lewis was shot and killed by a fugitive while off duty and helping a citizen check false IDs at a bar.

Robert L. Everitt

EOW: 7 December 1964
While laying flares at a traffic accident, Sgt. Everitt was hit and killed by a truck.

Michael J. Bushman

EOW: 25 November 1963
Officer Bushman died in a single-vehicle accident after his car left the road.


Harry Kay, Jr.

EOW: 11 March 1957
Sergeant Kay was killed during a high-speed pursuit.

Robert F. Bowers

EOW: 12 December 1955
Officer Bowers was killed during a high-speed pursuit.

Henry J. Goodrich

EOW: 7 September 1940
Officer Goodrich was killed in a head-on traffic collision.


Thomas A. Keays

EOW: 20 November 1937
Fifteen minutes after pulling a body from beneath a streetcar, Sgt. Keays died of a heart attack.

Edward J. Moore

EOW: 15 January 1933
While off duty, Officer Moore was shot to death while checking a suspicious person.

Robert J. McPherson

EOW: 19 September 1929
Officer McPherson was killed from wounds suffered while attempting to break up a fight in City Jail.

Robert L. Powers

EOW: 16 June 1928
Officer Powers was killed in a traffic accident.

Charles R. Harris

EOW: 3 April 1927
Officer Harris, undercover on a stakeout for a robbery suspect, was shot and killed by a hiding assailant.

Joseph S. Lee

EOW: 19 March 1921
Motorcycle Officer Lee was killed in an accident while chasing a reckless driver.


Walter B. Holcomb

EOW: 21 October 1918
Officer Holcomb died of Spanish influenza, which he contracted, while on duty, from a man he was transporting to the hospital.

Oliver S. Hopkins

EOW: 2 July 1915
Motorcycle Officer Hopkins was killed when hit from behind by a disgruntled motorist who had been arrested the previous night for drunk driving.

Emery E. Campbell

EOW: 27 August 1913
Officer Campbell was shot and killed fifteen minutes after the suspect purchased a gun and stated he was going to kill someone.

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