Police Athletic Federation

Police Athletic Federation

The San Diego Police Athletic Federation (SDPAF) is the “Athletic Arm” of the San Diego Police Officers Association. Our membership is comprised of sworn officers of the San Diego Police Department who are members of the SDPOA.

The mission of the SDPAF is to provide athletic outlets to our members in order to foster physical fitness and camaraderie. Another major function of the SDPAF is to provide financial assistance to our members competing in athletic events. The SDPAF currently provides funding to our members that participate in individual and team athletic events. Members seeking funding for athletic events should seek assistance from the SDPAF by contacting any of the current Board members. SDPAF Directors serve 3-year terms and elections are held annually. The SDPAF is currently made up of the following Directors and their positions.

  • President – Tom Bostedt, Officer, Eastern Patrol Division
  • Vice President – Laura Smyth, Detective, Eastern Investigations
  • Secretary – Taerance Oh, Sergeant, Western Patrol Division
  • Treasurer – Mike Sweet, Officer, Field Training Administration
  • Director – Bill Brown, Lieutenant, Mid-City Division
  • Director – Dustin Curtis, Officer, Eastern Juvenile Administration
  • Director – Dan Higdon, Detective Sergeant, Internal Affairs Division
  • Director – Jason Jarrells, Officer, Critical Incident Management Unit
  • Director – Victor Rodriguez, Officer, Neighborhood Policing Division
  • Associate Director – Geoffrey Decesari, Detective Sergeant, Investigations I
  • Associate Director – Larry Leiber, Sergeant, Training Division

The SDPAF has monthly meetings at the SDPOA building. Please contact any of the above Directors with questions regarding athletic events the SDPAF currently provides funding for, suggestions on future events, the next board meeting date or information on joining the PAF Board as a Director or Associate Director.

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